I’m not much of a foodie but this foods in no particular get me EVERYTIME;

  1. Semovita and Vegetable Soup with Ogufe (Goatmeat in Yoruba language)
  2. Chicken and chips
  3. Grilled fish with side salad
  4. Chinese rice and sauce
  5. Asaro (Yoruba name for yam porridge)
  6. Ji mmiri oku (Igbo name for yam peppersoup)
  7. White rice and ofe akwu (palm kernel soup)
  8. Barbecued goatmeat (Kigali style…best trip by the way)
  9. Ghanaian Jollof rice (*side eyes)
  10. My good old plain fried plantain..yes

That about does it. Have a good evening…