So, the Franschhoek Literary Festival took place on May 13 -15 2016 in sunny Franschhoek and there was a lot happening that for a split second I kind of thanked God I wasn’t present in person because how does put BM in six different places at the same time with intriguing conversations with internally published authors and poets taking place simultaneously…Phew!!!

Must not fail to credit @MissyAnnV (My new friend from South Africa) who graciously provided the pictures from three of the many sessions on short notice. Her tweets on #FrankLitFest were deeply engrossing, introspective and concise. Looking to do a profile on her soon.

  1. Knowing When To Stop – Protea Hotel 1
Credit: Twitter/Melissa Volker

White WahalaDying in New YorkAffluenzaImperfect Solo

Ekow Duker, author of White Wahala and Dying in New York, leads Fred Strydom, Niq Mhlongo and Steven Boykey Sidley in an engaging conversation on structure, length and plot of a novel. Questions asked included, how do authors decide on the end point of a novel, and how do they lead a story to its natural conclusion.

2. Seeds Of The Imagination – Church Hall

One Midlife Crisis and a SpeedoKarkloof BlueThe Seed ThiefThe Seed Collectors

Session tended by Darrel Bristow-Bovey (left) has authors Charlotte Otter, Jacqui L’Ange) and Scarlett Thomas telling us how story ideas are nurtured into fully-grown novels, about the stories that bolted and had to be pruned, and those that bloomed beyond all expectations.

3. Literary Letters – Council Chamber


Credit: Twitter/Melissa Volker














The Chair of the discussion, Finuala Dowling (far right) together with Margaret Daymong , Karin Schimkeand Karina Szczurek explores what the personal correspondence of significant figures reveals about their writing, themes and lives.

Credit: Other images and content gotten here

Thumbs up to the #FLF 2016 team for a well organised festival. They sure pulled all the stops on this one…

The suprise guest is up next. Watch this space!!!