As usual, having a good time is my pastime (funny how that sounds in my ears). So I made my way to Freedom Park on Friday to unwind and as you would expect it was money well spent. Managed to get in before the last act of the night performed..the ever-gracious Nneka.
Nneka thrilling the crowd with her sonorous voice (Twitter/Lola Shoneyin)


Dammy Crane (Twitter/Lola Shoneyin)


Sold-out attendance at the show (Twitter/Lola Shoneyin)


Blackky having a dance with a Rosie from the crowd (Twitter/Lola Shoneyin)


A little video of Nneka’s performance


Nneka strumming those strings…


My humble shy self hiding away


Ade Bantu getting into the groove



Ade Bantu and the rest of the crew on stage


Nneka and her backup singers singing into the night