How was Dubai? That is the question most people ask me. I still don’t know how to answer this. Dubai was fine?

I had never been on a plane before and air sickness got the better of me until I found an amazing drug that got me through 8 hours of flight. I arrived in Abu Dhabi and the first thing I noticed was, things were the same. We have the same sky, clouds, moon, air, earth. But things were different. Everywhere is clean. So so clean.
Nigeria is just not in the same league as the Emirates.
I think the one thing you will notice at first is the lack of noise. (I am writing this article with car noises and the sound of generator in the background. Cause Nigeria). Not once did I hear a car horn.

Dubai is a sprawling city with so many businesses, companies, assortment of people, but throughout my entire stay, not once did I see a bookstore. I caught a glimpse of the public library but that was it.
What you would see is a lot of gold stores with Bollywood ambassadors, palm trees, incredible buildings, more incredible buildings, the ocean and expensive cars.
I’m more in tune with nature so I wasn’t wowed so much. I think I’d be more excited to see Niagara falls than the Burj Khalifa (lawdd is this building tall) which is the tallest building in the world.


My favorite place visited was the Heritage houses (Shindagha). They look so much like the houses I modeled my fantasy tribe houses after. These houses were once lived in by the locals until development of the city began in earnest. And in front of these buildings is part of the ocean which flows into smooth stones. The water is so clear you can’t help but want to dip your toes.

The Safari was a different ball game. First, the ride there was insane. We sped through sand dunes like we were in a formula one race. Then at the camp site, we were entertained by belly dancers and fire dancers. The food did not sit well with me. Then there was the engagement.

The only foods I really enjoyed throughout my stay in Dubai was the shawarma, Chai tea and iced coffee. I practically starved, yearning for my sweet sweet Nigerian food. I was disappointed I didn’t get to spend an entire day at the beach.
Our tour guide, the cool Mr. Shamz gave me and my companions the history of the Emirates and I became even more disappointed in Nigeria. Dubai was built in such a short time through the discovery of oil. Now tourism brings in the big bucks.
Why are we still at this stage? Why are we the poverty capital of the world when other people built a city in a desert and sand filled their oceans? We have fertile ground, we have land, we have resources and we have the money.
If there is one thing I took out of my trip To Dubai it’s that Nigeria has a long way to reach that level. Maybe in the next fifty years. Yes fifty. Why? Because there are people like the man I saw today who was peeing by the roadside with no shame. And the men and women who throw LA casera bottles and party rice packs out the car window and into a major road.
Let’s make that seventy years.

Remember that if you want to truly enjoy Dubai, make sure your bank account is overloaded with money. Don’t rush to begin shopping. You’ll find awesome stuff at the Electronics market. And make sure you look for Nigerian restaurants to eat at.

Hotel stayed at : Marco Polo hotel. Awesome service!