QuEsTiOn OnE – What’s your favorite book? Obvi! They’ll probably tell you they don’t have one cause they have so many favorites.

Would their favorite book character survive a zombie apocalypse? Mine certainly would.

Which fantasy world would they like to live in?

Who’s their favorite author? This could also get an ambiguous answer.

Have they ever dreamt of the characters in the books they’ve read?

What’s their favorite book quote?

Which Hogwarts house do they belong to? Chances are they’ll be in Gryffindor. But secretly want Slytherin.

Which book to movie adaptation is their favorite? Harry Potter they’ll probably say. Lord of the rings is my favorite. I thank God for the movie adaptation everyday.

How many books do they have? Cannot be counted!

How many books have they read? A gazillion!

Ask them to recommend a book to you.

Ask them the book they read as a child that they can remember vividly. Chances are they’ll tell you all about it and if you listen, your date will be a pretty awesome one.