Should you stop reading a book if you find it boring?

This question is usually targeted at famous books. You know this or that book is famous, a classic even, but should you go on reading it if you get to a certain point and you think it’s boring, or doesn’t resonate with you? The answer is yes. I don’t see why you should go on reading a book when you don’t like it. There’s so many books to read and in so little time.

You all know The Lord of the Rings. It’s like the most famous fantasy book and movie in the world! I decided earlier this year to finally read the books. I couldn’t get past the first few chapters. JRR Tolkien sure did some good work but he wrote that book as if he was narrating what he actually saw, from a blade of grass swinging to the twitch of the eyes of a passing Elf. He wrote that book like he actually went to Middle Earth. Kinda awesome though. But TMI dude. Maybe one day I will go back to reading it.

Another book I just could not go on reading is Jane Eyre. It started out great but then the PoV changed, then it just sorta plummeted from there.

What I am trying to say is, get an abridged version, watch the film adaptation or better still just read about your boring book on Wikipedia. I’m gonna be watching the film adaptation of Jane Eyre, maybe I can give a review after.