The Writer’s Perfect Toolkit

There are certain things writers require to function, their toolkit if you will.

Below are just some things that keep the creative process going.

a. Good internet connection. This has dominated the list ever since we started using the internet.

b. A good personal or public library for all them research thangs.

c. A friend or acquaintance who happens to be an expert in your niche of writing.

d. A good laptop or phone or typewriter. Or a good book and an endless supply of pens.

e. A wise old mentor who gives good advice. Someone like Master Shifu.

f. Books to read in between writing. Recommending House of Stone by Novuyo Rosa Tshuma.

g. An ergonomic chair. Can’t be having back pains upandan.

h. Running shoes to stretch them legs.

i. Experiences to trigger ‘Aha! That will be great in my book’ moments.

j. Good food. Jollof rice here we come.

k. Tea and coffee. Did someone say green tea?

l. A quiet spot or cafe where writing can be done.

If you have any more you want to share, let me know in the comment section.