Stormcellar Wants Your Stories!

Stormcellar seeks unpublished, amazing writing and art — they would love to see more photos, paintings, drawings, diagrams, graphic narratives.

Artists/photographers may email thumbs or portfolio links if the images category is closed.

☛ Their taste is best gauged by reading an issue or at least the archive. This is a journal of safety and danger. They want what they have not seen before.

“I don’t have a lot of time. I can give a poem a couple of lines, a short story a paragraph, and a novel a few pages, then if I can stop reading without a sense of loss, I do, and I go on to something else.” —Flannery O’Connor

☛ One submission at a time, up to four per 12 months.

☛ Be respectful of other writers and don’t withdraw to correct typos, cover letters, etc. They can receive a limited number of free submissions each month.

☛ By submitting you agree to join their (infrequent) mailing list.

☛ Storm Cellar requires first serial rights and nonexclusive, ongoing electronic rights, per the guidelines. Serial rights revert to author upon publication. Authors receive the print edition, the ebook, and a discount on further print copies; plus, they love you forever.

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