The ebook of the century is finally out!!!!

We are not exaggerating as it’s a darn good story every Nigerian will love. Let me tell you all about it.

– Wilhelmina’s plans for her future includes a masters degree and a much better life in France. Only before she can leave Nigeria she is yanked back in time to a warring Yoruba empire with barely any knowledge of Yoruba history. And worst of all, no flush toilet or the internet.

Tell me you’re not interested in reading. Yeah, right?

I think The Orishas Screwed Me Over is a time travel novella that is part of the Dusty Manuscript project. It has been published on and costs just 400 naira. Pace Book Club has even made it their ‘Book of the Month’ for August 2018. So get your copy and start spreading the word.

Thank you.