This flash fiction won the CFW fiction Duel. The prize is a week of free Ad for my ebook ‘I think the Orishas screwed me over’ across all CFW platforms! Yay!


I believe in a lot of things. I believe in myself. Always and forever. I believe in the goodness in people. I also believe people can be cruel beyond measure. I believe in forgiveness. I believe revenge trumps forgiveness. I believe ghosts exists. UFOs too. We cannot be the only ones existing in the universe. Can you even begin to imagine that?

I believe that there is a multiverse where we have several versions of ourselves living different lives. I believe demons sometimes take room under our beds. I believe salt can keep them away. I also believe holy water can hurt the sons of bitches. I believe there is a single weapon forged with dragon’s breath that can kill them all. I believe dragons exist, obviously. I believe Tu Pac is still alive. Very much alive.

I believe Santa Claus lives in the South Pole. He’s a jolly good man. I can say so from experience. I believe fairies and elves exist in a realm outside ours. I believe werewolves and vampires exist. Mind you it’s werewolves who can’t come out during the day and salt can hurt Vampires. They are demon incarnate after all.

I believe the devil lives amongst us. He’s been having a blast in Las Vegas for quite some time now. Winning some, losing some, shooting hoops with big time NBA players and getting ass from supermodels. You know, general waywardness.

I believe in God. He’s presently in a small fishing village in Norway. He’s growing out his beard and hosts a bonfire party for the locals every week. You know, general lackadaisical behavior to do something about the world’s downward spiral into hell.

I believe I am fine even though the Monk and his death eaters who have come to perform an exorcism on me tell me I’m not.