There are people who don’t like reading but genuinely want to learn how to develop the habit of reading. This post is for such people. The first thing I tell anyone who says ‘how do you read so many books? You’re always reading. I wish I could read like you’ is to find a genre you like best and buy those books under that genre.

Don’t force yourself to read a book because everybody is reading that book. If you don’t like literary works, don’t bother buying those books. If you enjoy thrillers and crime stories then buy books such as Angels and Demons and Nairobi Heat. If you enjoy romance there’s Harlequin, Silhouette, Ankara Press and a host of other romance imprints releasing romance books everyday.

Also, make out time to read. Give yourself a few minutes to an hour to read everyday. Again, don’t force yourself to read. Reading should not be a chore.

Join a book club. It’s a great way to connect, meet people who enjoy the same books as you and who will encourage you when you don’t reach your reading goal.