Amanda pulled her Chevrolet into her reserved space in the parking lot and turned off the engine. Grabbing her briefcase, she exited and locked the car. She walked into the ground floor lobby of her office building to see one of her colleagues trying to force open a door at the bank of elevators. As she moved closer, she saw it was the service door to one of the elevators. Maybe an elevator was stuck, or perhaps some maintenance work was needed. She exchanged greetings and waited as two burly men in maintenance uniforms tried to force the door open. She offered to help, and the loud guffaws she got from her male colleagues waiting to use the elevators was indicator enough of what they thought of her offer. The two maintenance men exchanged cynical grins and motioned her over. Dropping her brief case and handbag, she grabbed the handle and rammed a shoulder into it forcefully. The door gave, just as she had known it would. The scoffing and chuckling of the men was replaced by exclamations of surprise and wonder. Suddenly uncomfortable, she grabbed her things and headed for the stairs as the crowd waiting to use the elevators swelled with more and more staff resuming for work.
On her way up she told herself that it felt good to exercise, that Richard had nothing to do with her renewed excitement. A tiny voice in her head reminded her that the only real exercise she was getting was sex with Richard. She blushed a little as she recalled their first encounter…..
It had been a hectic day. She had returned from work, and after refreshing herself with a cold shower, had opted to go clubbing rather than watch a TV show.

So she dressed up and went to a club, met Richard, had a few drinks, and got laid. Fantastically. She had ended a relationship a couple of months before they met, and she did not see herself ready to commit to anyone, even if the sex was good. Scratch that, even if the sex was mind blowing. Richard was the total package. He was good at small talk, a better than average dancer, and there seemed to be a grace, skill and athleticism with which he handled everything, even sex. Especially sex. She had been around, but the guy made the Kama Sutra look like the Boy Scout Handbook. He had made her feel like a prude. For what seemed like hours on end, they had explored seemingly endless erotic pathways. She had felt rested, relaxed, and thoroughly refreshed despite having had very little actual sleep. She was still smiling when she got to her floor, noting with mild surprise that the elevator was still not working. Well, she mused, hardly anyone in their right mind would like to begin a workday by climbing sixteen flights of stairs to an eighth floor office when elevators existed.
An hour later there was a knock on her door and Percy Nwachukwu stepped in. Percy was in the accounts section of the company. A real number cruncher. He was a little above average height with big ears and a goofy grin that made him cute in a rabbitty kind of way. He had also been asking her out for about four months. It did not seem to matter to him that her answer, which was no, had not changed.
Smiling, he walked toward her desk.
“Another plus for girl power! I heard you helped pop the elevator doors.”
‘Good morning, Percy.’
“And all the big macho men had been trying since forever,” he said, extending his hand, which she shook politely.
‘It was nothing, the door was probably ready to pop, anyway, it just needed a nudge.’
Walking over to the window, he said, “such a breathtakingly beautiful day, and you the heroine of the hour. Why not let me buy you lunch to celebrate?”
‘Erm…. Sorry, but I’ll pass, still have work to do, things to finish up’, she replied.
“C’mon, girl, just this once, please”
As he pulled the drapes apart, she felt the horrible sting in her eyes as the bright rays of the sun streamed into the office.
In a trice, he was by her side.
‘The drapes! Please close them, the sunlight and my eyes just aren’t friends today.’
He quickly stepped to the windows and closed the drapes.
‘I was up most of the night, working on something, and I’m guessing my eyes are protesting.’
“Ah, sorry, what have you taken? Have you eaten?”
‘I’ll drop by a pharmacy and pick up some eye drops on my way home.’
‘I think you should see an ophthalmologist. Where does it hurt? Is it serious?’
‘No, it’s not that bad, I’ll be fine, my eyes just need some rest’
“How does it feel? Does it hurt when you blink? Does it-”
‘Percy’, she interrupted, ‘you are an economist, when did you become a doctor? Or did you study medical economics?’ she queried, and he burst into laughter.
‘Ok, you got me. I’m just worried that’s all.’
‘Thanks a lot.’ She opened her laptop, and pushed the power button.
‘You’re still working with the computer? The light’s not good for your eyes.’
‘Doctor Percy, please leave me alone. I’m trying to tidy up this presentation,’ she replied good-naturedly
He left, but not before asking her to lunch again, which she declined as she resumed her work on the computer.
Meanwhile, inside her body, something was changing..

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