First of all, this book na historical fiction. Na about two girls from two different places for pre-colonial Ghana wey through circumstances con meet for one place called Salaga. The Hundred Wells of the Salaga wey be the title na wells wey people dig so water go dey take wash slaves body.

One of the girls name na Aminah. She be dey live peaceful life with her family until slave raiders con capture her and her siblings comot from her village to become slaves. This Aminah girl kind, she strong, hardworking and she fine die.

The other girl na Wurche. This one get strong head no be small. She na princess wey don tire for men dey tell her say she no fit do things because she be woman. She sef fit shoot gun and ride horse pass her brother.

The book talk about many things. About love, sexuality, family, oppression against women, slavery and religion including how foreigners join everything. Also about how decision wey people dey make affect other people and why people dey do some things wey them usually dey do.

Attah mix the words wey take form the book well. As I dey read the book e be like say person dey feed me fried meat and cold malt. E just dey digest well for my head. The book sweet die and I cry for some parts sha, I no fit lie.

And she no do waka jugbe as she dey write the book. She write things wey no important in small words and continue to hit the nail on the head gbam! No time. She no be like writers wey go dey waste their time to describe describe anyhow. Them go even write two full pages as sun rays dey reflect from spoon.

Many people say the book be like Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi but I never read that one. I don read The Hundred wells of Salaga and I dey tell you say e make sense. Make you go buy your own copy now.
The Hundred wells of Salaga na the best book wey I don read this year.
With this one Attah don become of my favorite female African writers next to Buchi and Flora.

Wait make I tell you small about this ogbonge writer.

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Her full name na Ayesha Harruna Attah. Dem born am for Ghana but she dey live for Senegal. She study Biochemistry for Mount Holyoke College, then con go Columbia University. Later she receive her MFA in Creative Writing for New York University.

She don publish two other novels; Saturday’s Shadows and Harmattan Rain.

Three gbosa for Attah and her book
Gbosa! Gbosa! Gbosa!
She too over deserve accolades.

Na the blog tour dates for the book be this one.

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She go answer questions on the tour, talk about the book and una fit read part of the book for the blogs.


Na Cassava Republic publish this book.

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  • Kenny says:

    Haha, your pidgin English is just so camaraderie inspiring, like I can hear you speak it.
    That said, I’d really like to read it, usually because I respect a person’s sense of taste, and I respect yours, Erhu.
    Fiction based on history, though can be conflicting to grasp mentally in some instances, usually has an interesting spinoff to it, especially as it supposedly revolves around two females, trying to shrug it out in the wide world.
    The intrigues await!
    Wey mai copy dey oh…?

  • Samuel says:

    Lol. Nice. I really liked it. Been seeing the book around and now I want to read it. Amazing work

  • Charles says:

    Haha….. Can I get this review in audio? Nice one.

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